Fracking City has Lowest Unemployment Rate, Solar City has Highest Unemployment


The Green Jobs aren’t coming

Obama Inc. Gave $50 Mil in “Green Jobs” Training Cash to Unions


44 percent of 500 million dollars was forwarded to non-profits, many of them allies of Obama Inc

Each Green Job Obama Created Cost $11 Million

obama green leap forward

With labor participation at 63 percent, Obama will only need to spend a few quadrillion dollars to create green jobs for everyone.

How Obama’s Green Jobs Boondoggle Cost 1500 American Jobs

Unemployment crowd

DuPont jumped into the green economy and will now have to cut 1,500 jobs because just because your build solar doesn’t mean the market will come.

White House Lied, Jobs Died


What newly discovered emails disclose about the environmentalist agenda of the Obama administration.

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Just What Is a “Green” Job?


$500 million authorized for the Labor Department training programs — while no clear definition exists.

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