Islam Museum to Compete with Ground Zero Museum


“It will prove to be an important addition to the neighborhood”

The Islamist-Interfaith Coalition’s War on the NYPD


The latest devious distortions of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network.

Ground Zero Imam Embezzled $3 Million from Ground Zero Mosque

"This is how much of your money I stole."

The money — intended to fund The Shariah Index Project — was used by Rauf and his wife Daisy to buy real estate, lavish trips and vacations, entertainment and a luxury sports car, the suit charged.

74% More Mosques in America Since September 11


While the Muslim population has only doubled, the number of mosques has increased by 74 percent suggesting that mosque growth is occurring at a higher rate than natural and unnatural population growth. More mosques are being built than are necessary for the actual Muslim population in the United States.

More Blows to the Ground Zero Mosque


Threatened with eviction from part of the property.

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