Fort Hood Survivor on Shooting: “Concealed Weapons Would Have Stopped It”


“Nearly a week later, I can still taste his blood in my mouth.”

Cartel Gun Smuggler/Attorney General Wants Mandatory Gun Tracking Bracelets


“We can make sure that people have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights,”

Chicago Murder Rate at Lowest Level in 50 Years after Concealed Carry


Chicago gun violence is gang driven.

Black Shooting Survivor on MSNBC: “More Guns” Needed in Fort Hood


Lunsford had been unarmed and was shot once in the head

Leland Yee: An Anti-Gun Democrat Jihadists Can Love


A California politician’s quest to send millions of dollars’ worth of arms to Islamic terrorists.

New York Times Blames Piers Morgan’s Cancellation on his “Britishness”


“Morgan’s approach to gun regulation was more akin to King George III”

Piers Morgan’s Gun Control Obsession Destroyed his Ratings


The show’s numbers have fallen sharply since it became a subject on the show.

Man Who Lobbied to Outlaw Guns in School Arrested With Gun in School


He was a well-known face in the movement for the SAFE Act

California’s Dumbest Senate Democrat Warns ‘Ghost Guns’ Will Shoot All Their Calibers At You


“This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets.”

Hollywood Producer of Violent Movies to Make Movie Attacking NRA


Maybe he’ll just make an ultra-violent action movie to denounce gun violence.