Australian University Claims American Blacks Are Being Shot by Racist White Gun Owners

Mad Max (1979) 1

“Blacks are more likely to be shot….we thought there must be something happening with whites wanting guns.”

Tony Blair’s Daughter Mugged by Armed Gunman in Gun-Free UK


Gun laws don’t protect victims. They protect criminals.

Scenting Fresh Blood, Gun Controllers Forget Lesson of Colorado


The old community organizer instincts kick in at the smell of blood and emotional manipulation

Colorado Gov Suddenly No Longer a Fan of Gun Control


Wonder what could have happened last week to change his mind.

Gay Sex Club Shooter Prayed in “Arabic” Before Opening Fire


Police are baffled as to the motive of the attackers, who are of Middle Eastern appearance and are thought to be Muslim.

Australia Suffering from Drive By Shootings, Piers Morgan Claims Gun Control Works


Drive-by shootings and gun crime have become an entrenched part of Australian lowlife.

Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group Imploding as 50 Mayors Leave


50 mayors have checked out of Hotel Bloomberg, some of whom were arrested, one for demanding gay sex at gunpoint

Obama Uses Zimmerman Verdict to Push Gun Control


Obama could look Chicagoward, where over 100 people have been shot in July

Bloomberg’s Political Abuse of New York City Resources

Michael-Bloomberg NRA

Bloomberg has created his own private Anti-NRA group using city resources and backed by his own personal fortune.

Et Tu, Spartacus?


Kirk Douglas’s anti-Second Amendment lecture to the “cowboy nation.”