The Left’s Continuing War on Women


Liberals’ advice to rape and domestic abuse victims is: Lie back and enjoy it.

Shadow of the Gun


How the Left’s promotion of fire arms fear instills learned helplessness in our children.

A Lesson for the Left on ‘Needs’ and ‘Rights’


The question is not whether citizens should have something, but whether the government is entitled to ban it.

Guns and Double Standards


Why the Left would never say things about the First Amendment that it says about the Second.

The Business of Arming Terrorists


While disarming Americans.

The Anti-Choice Left’s Disarming of American Women


To females who face sexual predators, leftists say “passive resistance may be your best defense.”

Cultural Deviancy Is the Problem, Not Guns


The real driving force behind fire arms violence.

Brainwashing Kids About Guns


How the Left is undermining support for the Second Amendment in k-12 public education.

Tony Bennett: Gun Control or We Become Nazi Germany


The Hollywood Greatest Generation icon goes off the rails.

Can Rahm Emanuel’s Illegal Thug Tactics Be Stopped?

Rahm Emanuel

Chicago mayor’s attacks on private business owners take an ugly turn.