Treason Du Jour at Haaretz


Israel’s Pravda champions putting Jewish baby girls into comas.

Israeli Leftist Targets Holocaust Organization


Demonizing Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors.

Haaretz Hamas Supporter Attacks Organization of Holocaust Survivors

amira hass

The Israeli left never addresses anything of substance. Its past is a dark territory that it is forever fleeing. Everything it has done has come undone and all it has left is its hatred for the settlers and the soldiers. Without that, the left would wither up in a corner and die.

Sheldon Adelson Isn’t to Blame for Failing Leftist Newspapers


The left-wing press looks for a scapegoat.

Why Publicize What Arabs Say in Arabic?


The Israeli left-wing media’s cluelessness in their own words.

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Shame on Ha’aretz


Leftist newspaper maligns Jews who try to find creative ways of buying homes from racist Arabs.

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Noam Chomsky, Darling of Haaretz


The infamous Israel-hater is denied entry into Israel; the Israeli Left is up in arms.

The Mask Slips on Israel’s Left


A leftist editor smears a fallen Israeli solider as a “jihadist.”

Radical Son


The son of a Hamas founder reveals how he worked with Israeli intelligence to save lives and stop Islamic terror.

Mosab Hassan Yousef: The Hamas prince who was spy for Israel – NY Daily News

He was Israel's most valuable spy inside Hamas – and certainly the most unlikely. For more than a decade, Mosab Hassan Yousef disrupted dozens of suicide bombings and assassination attempts by the militant group, saving hundreds of lives. Infiltrating the upper echelons of Hamas came relatively easy for Yousef: He is the son of Hamas […]