Father of Murdered Israeli Teen Denounces Sheera Frenkel’s BuzzFeed Lies


Shaer, who was still mourning the loss of his son, dismissed these claims as fiction.

Hamas: The Terror Elite

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 4.14.32 PM

Revealing the truth about a genocidal death cult.

Did UN Corruption Help Build Hamas Terror Tunnels?


That authorization still did not exist at the time the report was written

The American Left: Friends of Our Country’s Enemies


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Pat Condell: No Peace in the Middle East?


The pathology behind blaming Israel.

UK, Germany, France Endorse Hamas Demands on Gaza


France’s foreign minister calls for imposing a solution on Israel and Hamas,

Ringleader Admits: Hamas Funded Kidnapping and Murder of Israeli Teens


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Obama’s New Plan for Hamas

Palestinians Continue Peace Talks In Mecca

How the president is working to strengthen Israel’s enemies.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority: Two Sides of the Same Coin


The truth about the “moderate” Palestinians.

Iranian Leader Suggests Hamas Use Civilians as Human Shields for its Tunnels


All Hamas needs is a few tunnel dead baby photos to protect its latest terror tactic.