Hamas Funded Kidnapping/Murder of 3 Israeli Teens


Don’t expect any retractions from Andrew Sullivan

The Media’s Silence to Hamas’ Genocidal Venom


Blaming the victim of the crimes of a death cult.

How the Media Craft Victory for Hamas


Turning “balance” into a synonym for amorality.

French TV Shows Hamas Rocket Setup Outside UN Building (VIDEO)

gaza children

You won’t see this kind of thing on CNN

Indian TV Crew Captures Hamas Rocket Setup and Firing Near Hotel (VIDEO)


“It began with a mysterious tent with a blue canopy”

The Moral Psychosis of Demonstrating in Support of Hamas


Inside the sordid world of a genocidal thugocracy’s apologists.

Has the Gaza War Doomed the Two-State Solution?


Ardent true believers signal doubts.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Trolls UN, Suggests Giving It Control of Gaza


“You like Gaza so much, why don’t you take it?”

Bringing Back the Good War


The good war is not a war in which no civilians die.

Jon Voight Rips Into Anti-Israel Celebs

Steve Granitz

Hollywood’s most vocal conservative actor calls out the apologists of Jew-hatred.