Backgrounder: The Students for Justice in Palestine


Making Jew-hate fashionable on campuses.

Daniel Greenfield on The Invasion on Our Southern Border – on The Glazov Gang


Shillman Journalism Fellow unveils the horror of Obama’s border disaster.

Ceasefire Goes Up In Flames


Hamas continues its dance with death.

Vast Majority of Gazans Killed by Israel are Adult Males


Only about 12 percent of the total fatalities are female

Egyptian TV Accuses Hamas Leaders of Living in Luxury While Their People Die


“…marrying four wives, and driving the latest model luxury cars…”

First Lesson of Gaza War: The Blockade Works


Amnesty International and the Left owe Israel an apology.

The Number of Hamas Arabs vs. Israeli Dead


Is it relevant?

The White House Stabs Israel in the Back —- Again

Barack Obama

Obama administration minions are dispatched to publicly condemn the Jewish State.

Israel Might Act to Safeguard Jordan


Jordan’s stability is in Israel’s national interest, and Israel is ready to do whatever it takes to defend it.

An Eyewitness Account of How Hamas Exploits Churches and Schools as Operational Shields


Collateral damage doesn’t just happen. Hamas makes it happen.