How Hamas Terrorizes Gaza’s Citizens


A frightening report by Human Rights Watch.

Hamas and Al Qaeda’s Racist Exploitation of African Migrants


“If their relatives do not pay a ransom release fee, the women are frequently raped while the men are tortured – sometimes the abuse is played over the phone to their distraught relatives.”

Egypt, Hamas to Share Intelligence on Israeli Border


After the “attack” that allowed the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Cairo to seize power and depose the military while cracking down on the press, the building blocks for the reintegration of Hamas run Gaza into Muslim Brotherhood run Egypt are falling into place.

Hamas Joins Forces with Occupy Charlotte


“I send the heartfelt greetings of the Palestinian people, as we salute you in your fight against the American military machine, against its secrets and lies, and against its vision of an American world order maintained through coercion and control. You bring your protest straight to the heart of the political system, there in Charlotte, and we are there with you in spirit, we Occupy Charlotte with you!”

Obama’s War on Jewish Jerusalem


The problem goes far beyond the president himself.

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Gaza’s 600 Millionaires and Hamas’ Big Scam


When Hamas wants to make money, all it has to do is carry out a terrorist attack against Israel. Israel tightens border security and Hamas cashes in on the tunnel goods tax while whining that Israel is starving Gazans to death. And then idiots come on a flotilla bearing goods that Hamas takes and resells at a massive profit.

More People Must Care about CAIR


If only CAIRophobia were more contagious.

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Israel’s Sinai Dilemmas


When fighting terror can mean boosting terror.

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Why Don’t Rocket Attacks Against Israel Get Headlines?


The Western media’s silence speaks volumes.

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Iran, Hamas Relish Muslim Brotherhood Win in Egypt


Islamist factions come together over shared dreams of destroying Israel.

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