It’s Not the ‘Occupation’ —- It’s Islam


The real motivation behind the brutal killing of the three teens in Israel.

America: Biggest Bankroller of Palestinian Killers

Military Ceremony in Gaza

Time to stop the near-billion dollars in “aid” to the Hamas-Fatah government.

Murdered Bodies of Israeli/American Teens Kidnapped by Hamas Found

Obama where is your support now

Will Obama finally stop funding Hamas now?

Israel Must Defeat the Tactics of Terrorists


Lessons from the recent kidnapping of three Israeli teens.

Turkey’s High-Risk Power Play


Remaking Turkey in the mold of the Ottoman Empire.

Hillary’s Fantasy about Hamas’ “Technocrats” — on The Glazov Gang

Military Ceremony in Gaza

Giving genocidal murderers a new name for the sake of “peace.”

UN Envoy Caught Trying to Send $20 Mil to Hamas


The Egyptians have closed the smuggling tunnels through which the money used to pass.

Hamas’ Genocidal Technocrats

Military Ceremony in Gaza

Hillary Clinton once again reveals the willful ignorance of the Washington establishment.

Ignoring the Elephant

West Bank Israeli Teens Kidnapping

Kidnapped Israeli teens deserve what they get, according to the media, because they are Jews.

Ted Cruz Calls for End of Aid to PLO/Hamas Over US Hostage


“Not one more U.S. taxpayer dollar should be sent to support them.”