Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas Aggressively Trying to Infiltrate the CIA


CIA officials uncovered thousands of applicants, roughly one in five of a subset, with “significant terrorist and/or hostile intelligence connections.”

The Million Muslim March and Its Foreign Islamist Ties


Truthers and Hamas supporters to join forces in Washington.

How Hamas Helped Morsi Break Out of Prison

Cairo NDP headquarters burns 300111

“Hamas communicated with the Bedouins and agreed that they would provide them with ordnance in exchange for assistance in freeing their comrades from Egyptian prisons.”

Member of Queers Against Israel Arrested by Egypt Before Trying to Cross into Hamas Gaza


Egypt may have done Greyson a favor, considering Hamas’ views on gay men.

The Obama Administration’s Iran Delusions


How the Iranian masters of buying time have just gained even more from the U.S. president.

Mideast Peace Talks and ‘Land for War’


What history tells us about Israeli territorial concessions to the Palestinians.

Turkey’s Islamist PM Forced to Cancel Hamas Trip after Morsi Fall


I’m sure Erdogan will get another chance to stop by Gaza, denounce Israel’s human rights violations and then go back to locking up and beating his own people.

Egypt’s Interim Government and Israel


For Jerusalem, is the removal of the Brotherhood a positive or negative development?

Hamas Shuts Down Factory Because its Canisters are Painted an “Israeli” Color

Israeli boy

“He was informed he must stick to Palestinian standards, but he breached them by painting canisters in unaccepted color.”

Egypt Breaks Up with Hamas, Hamas Tries to Get Back Together with Iran


Bardawil said that relations between Hamas and Iran “had not been interrupted at all” but he admitted that “they have become frosty since the crisis in Syria