CAIR, 20 Years of Terror


Rooted in faith or rooted in Hamas?

Middle Aged Man Punches Out Hamas Terrorist Attacking Soldier


“We have a passion for death like our enemies desire in life.”

Israel-Bashing from Amnesty International

Amnesty raises awareness for human rights situation in Mali

A new report turns the victim into the villain.

Chairman of Joint Chiefs Breaks w/Kerry on Israeli War on Hamas


“Israel went to extraordinary lengths to limit collateral damage and civilian casualties.”

State Dept: Throwing Molotov Cocktails at Jews Not Terrorism


Throwing Molotov cocktails at Jews = just fine

Beyond Depraved: Palestinians Praise Infant Murderer


While Israelis hail scientists, their “peace partners” hail terrorists.

State Dept Urges Israel to Avoid Escalating Tensions After Muslim Murder of Israeli-American Baby


“The child flew through the air and fell with her head on the pavement.”

Obama to Spend $414 Mil to Rebuild Hamastan


Wasn’t that generous of him?

Like Hamas, ISIS Also Used Children as Human Shields


Hamas and ISIS are operating from the same playbook.

Israel Bashers’ Phony Contrition

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 1.13.04 AM

European high society launches a vicious anti-Semitic attack against the Jewish State.