Lying About History Will Not Help the Cause for Peace


Responding to OneVoice’s campus misinformation tour.

Max Goes Mad Over Israel


The Nation teams up with the Hamas Book-of-the-Month club.

Hamas and the “Peace Process”


When peace means terror.

Stop Watching You? Why?


People who say “stop watching us!” usually have something to hide.

The Leftist Enablers of Hezbollah and Hamas


Professor Judith Butler’s “progressive” terrorists.

Hillary’s Secret Deal With Morsi — on The Glazov Gang

Hillary Clinton, Mohammed Morsi

An administration’s shameless betrayal of Egyptian Copts.

Hamas Official Pressured Father into Honor Killing of Daughter Married Off at 14

Abdel Rahman Zeidan

The statement posted on the door of mosque said the woman’s “repeated behavior … violated Allah’s law, customs and morality,”

1/3 of Gaza Hamas Marriages Involved Underage Girls

child poverty

“I was taken away from my small toys, taken out of my school forcibly and delivered to my husband whom I had only seen once.”

Hamas Now Hates Egypt More than Israel


“The first Islamist movement to take power on the Mediterranean now talks of making a last stand.”

Palestinians: Deserving of a State?

Palestinian gunmen ride motorcycles as they drag  the body of a man, who was suspected of working for Israel, in Gaza City

The human rights record of Israel’s “peace partners.”