U.S. Aid Funding Palestinian Terrorism


The Obama administration tries to dismiss a lawsuit that threatens to expose how American taxpayers’ money ends up in terrorists’ hands.

Hamas Demolishes 3,000 Year Old Gaza Harbor to Build Terrorist Training Camp

Fishing boats are seen at Gaza Seaport in Gaza City

Joni Mitchell sang, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Islamists however pave over everything in their quest to kill as many non-Muslims as possible to get to paradise.

Turkish Thug-in-Chief: “It Is Out of the Question for Us to Consider Hamas a Terrorist Organization”


Secretary of State John Kerry said Turkey has a critical role in a US-led initiative to resume a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.

Canadian Student Association Joins the Genocidal War Against Israel


A racist resolution reveals the darkness infecting Western campuses.

Hamas Terrorists Now Training Free Syrian Army Terrorists


The Free Syrian Army is a moderate secular organization. And you can tell because it’s dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, collaborates with Al Qaeda and is being trained by Hamas.

Low on Cash, Hamas Joins Syrian Civil War


Hamas used to swim in huge pools of Iranian oil money. But that was before the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran went to war over Syria.

Shhhh, Don’t Tell Anyone: Hamas Won


The administration spends far more time appeasing Islamists than killing terrorists.

Fatah Praises Proud Mother of Three Palestinian Terrorists


Israel’s so-called “peace partners” honor woman who gave her sons “to Jihad for Allah.”

Hamas Calls Obama “Jewish Organ Grinder’s Monkey”


That’s what you get for trying to appease Islamists. It didn’t work in Iran. It didn’t work in Egypt. It won’t work in Gaza.

Has Obama Gone Soft on Hamas?

obama hamas

Rather than rejecting Hamas’ existence, Obama is treating Hamas like a legitimate government that he expects Israel to negotiate with.