The Surreal ‘Reconstruction’ of Gaza


The madness that passes for diplomacy within the world of the U.N.

Hamas Tries to Shut Down Partying in Gaza

gaza atrocities

Hamas security agents are nicknamed “ground drones”

Bombing Doesn’t Radicalize Gazans, It De-Radicalizes Them


An overwhelming 92 percent of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are in favor a long-term ceasefire

Did Hamas Deliberately Shell its Own People?

shifa shati

Hamas not only used its own people as shields, but also used them as targets.

Hamas Supporting Yale Chaplain Blames Jewish “Bullying” for Resignation


“Hamas’ continuation of the armed resistance tells Israel and the world that their spirit is not broken.”

Palestinian Authority Pres: 850 Hamas Members Killed in Gaza War

Mahmoud Abbas

“Hamas says the number of dead from their ranks didn’t go past 50.”

Ze’ev Jabotinsky to Benjamin Netanyahu On Hamas


Words of wisdom on the crucial task of protecting the Jewish State.

Hamas Paid $41,675 for Murder of 3 Israeli Teens

An Israeli woman holds a sign with images of three missing Israeli teenagers, at a rally in Rabin Square in the coastal city of Tel Aviv

Some of the money was transmitted by his mother

ISIS Beheadings Rouse the West


Gaza remains the West’s blind spot, even though the Hamas-ISIS parallels are glaringly obvious.

Muslim Driver in New York has the Perfect Terrorist Car


“We are pulling this plate off the road as patently offensive.”