Writers Opposing Hamas: Targets of Death


The price I pay for defending Israel.

The Unfinished War


What Israel must do to prevent the next onslaught from Hamas.

Hamas Praises “Media Martyrs” who were the Sources for World Media


“The source from which the world’s media derived all that was going on in Gaza…”

40 Lessons from Hamas’ War Against the Jews


The hard truths the Jewish State must internalize if it wants to prevail.

Hamas Declares ‘Victory’


The terrorist group lives to fight another day after ceasefire.

Hamas Negotiator Gets Legs Broken by Hamas


Al-Almi’s fellow Hamas terrorists and other attacked him and broke both his legs

Obama Pressured Israel to Stop Demanding Demilitarization of Hamas


The war was won on the battlefield and lost at the negotiating table.

Hamas Supporting Yale Chaplain Blames Anti-Semitism on Jews Refusing to Surrender to Hamas


“Hamas’ continuation of the armed resistance is a way of telling Israel that their spirit is not broken”

Gazans Celebrate Hamas “Victory” by Firing into Air, Killing Each Other

There's no way this can go wrong

Two locals were killed by those gunshots

Gaza Kids Hope Hamas Rockets Land in America


Taxpayer dollars are funding the preaching of Hamas hate against America.