Embracing the Obvious Truth


Why courageous truth-tellers like actor Jon Voight are vital to Israel’s cause against Hamas.

Former AP Jerusalem Editor Reveals Hamas Coverup and Anti-Israel Bias


“The story was shunted into deep freeze by his superiors and has not been published.”

Israel Ambassador to UN Calls for Isolating Qatar


“It is time for the world to wake up and smell the gas fumes.”

Hillary’s Hand in Hamas’ Terror Tunnels


One accomplishment from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

J Street: Hamas is Bad, Let’s Make a Deal with Hamas


J Street is really lobbying for is Hamas.

The Question of Netanyahu’s Vision


What is the endgame of the operation in Gaza?

Hamas Arrests 150 of its Own Terrorists for Spying for Israel

hamas murder

Hamas is in a state of confusion after the martyrdom of its leaders

Hamas Rocket Fired Near UNRWA School Kills 4-Year-Old Daniel


“When everyone would come to the shelter, Daniel would say, ‘Now we are all safe.'”

Daniel Tregerman, 4-Year-Old Israeli Boy, Killed by Hamas Gaza Rocket


A synagogue in Ashdod also suffered a direct hit from a Gaza rocket

Understanding the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi Alliance

Military Ceremony in Gaza

Why erstwhile enemies are joining forces in the Middle East.