Harvard Hillel Embraces BDS


Jew hatred takes center stage at elite university.

Harvard’s Reckless Sponsorship of Anti-Israelism


BDS legitimized at the Ivy League school.

The Early Roots of Anti-Israel Lawfare

weapon of choice

The long and disturbing history of the legal assault against the Jewish State.

The Agony of Moral Defeat


A tale of two leftists and their broken dreams.

‘Academic Justice’: Inside the Abyss of the Academy


The mentality behind a Harvard student’s call to abolish campus free speech and thought.

Harvard Offers Hillary Clinton a Job

Hillary Rodham Clinton

One option that Hillary should take under advisement is the University of Benghazi, a fine academic institution with its own law faculty.

Oprah Gets a Degree From Harvard

Oprah Winfrey commencement speech at Harvard

How Oprah’s sob stories became America’s politics.

Dershowitz and Tragedy

jpost nyc 2013 panel 1-15-thumb-470x313-3098

How the endless torrent of anti-Israel propaganda influences even the most steadfast defenders of Israel.

In De-Niall about Obama


Harvard historian takes heat for Newsweek cover story.

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‘Dances with Lies’ Takes Center Stage


Democrats double down on their support for Elizabeth Warren while she refuses to meet with real Native Americans.

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