Ten Reasons ObamaCare Will Fail


The price-controls, shortages and reductions in quality headed our way.

Don’t Forget the Other Entitlement Monsters


What the ObamaCare train wreck is temporarily eclipsing.

Health Care for the Pushy and Well Connected


What will the rest of us do?

The White House Fable Factory

Brack Obama, Kathleen Sebelius

Phony tales built Obamacare. Real stories will bring it down.

ObamaCare’s High Deductibles Create More “Free Riders” than Ever


ObamaCare will create insured free riders.

ObamaCare Regulations Stated 93 Million Americans Would Lose Health Plans


Obama knew this all along.

ObamaCare is Great… As Long as You Don’t Need to Go to a Hospital


In New Hampshire, Anthem excluded 10 of the state’s 26 hospitals from the health plans that it will sell through the insurance exchange.

Health Care Entering a Recession for Inexplicable Reason


Why could this be happening? The media has no answers.

A Lesson on Cuba’s Healthcare for Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio

Don’t believe everything you hear about the miracles of Stalinist medicine.

The Death of American Medicine


“And no one seems willing to call what is going on by its real name: class-based triage, or rationing, of medical care.”