Democrats to America: We Own the Government!

Government Shutdown Enters Fourth Day With No Resolution

How dare citizens object?

Obama Lied, My Health Plan Died

Barack Obama

Tens of thousands of American families learn the terrible truth.

The Worst Part Of Obamacare

obamacare supreme court-cropped-proto-custom_28

What the multitude of problems stemming from the law have prevented us from noticing.

Health Care Solutions: Patients in Command

10018 Medicine, Lackner, ECMC

What if America truly had a free medical market?

ObamaCare’s Unraveling

obamacare supreme court-cropped-proto-custom_28

How one new program’s demise may imperil the entire system.

How Taxpayers Will Bail Out Detroit


And every other liberal financial sinkhole in the nation — through ObamaCare.

Why ObamaCare Will Still Leave 31 Million Uninsured


Analyzing the numbers behind an impending catastrophe.

When Affordable Health Care Died


The grim tale of what ObamaCare will really cost.

How Dare We Claim America Is #1 in Health Care?


With or without insurance, the U.S. is the best place to fall ill — for now.

Reason #41 Health Care is So Expensive: Medical Codes for Being Struck by a Turtle at the Opera


The U.S. health care system is ramping up to implement a massive new coding system called ICD-10. Take these, straight from ICD-10: Hurt at the opera, Stabbed while crocheting, Walked into a lamppost, subsequent encounter.