Uncovering Israel’s Past

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How modern archaeology is turning the movement to minimize Israel’s biblical history on its head.

Celebrating Rachel Corrie: Israeli Tax Dollars at Work


The state-funded adoration of a terror-supporter who committed suicide for the “right” of Palestinian terrorists to murder Jews.

‘Color Purple’ Author Censors Herself to Punish Israel


Alice Walker calls Israel’s policies worse than South African apartheid.

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Alice Walker and the Ghost of Irving Howe


How the Left’s “language of non-thought” killed literary studies.

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Noam Chomsky, Darling of Haaretz


The infamous Israel-hater is denied entry into Israel; the Israeli Left is up in arms.

Eighteen Years, Five Books, One Torah, and Dennis Prager


The talk radio host’s Torah studies help a Catholic deepen his faith

Curious Defenses of the Goldstone Report

Richard Goldstone

Goldstone invokes his Jewishness, Zionism, his daughter’s residence in Israel and his connection to Hebrew University.