Putting ‘Memory’ Back in the Next Memorial Day


Why we brought our warriors’ stories to the silver screen in “The Hornet’s Nest.”

Happy Birthday, Sir Nicholas Winton!


Holocaust hero turns 105 years old.

Remembering Vietnam War Hero Jeremiah Denton


The nation loses a man who persevered against communist brutality and outwitted his captors.

The Legacy of 9/11 Hero Danny Lewin


An Israeli-American who sacrificed his life — and became a symbol of the West’s struggle against barbarity.

Heroizing a Traitor


While progressives defend Bradley Manning, the evidence reveals a dark story of a treacherous heart.

Mr. Hugo Chavez, You Were No Fidel Castro


In the pantheon of heroes for America’s leftist elite, Hugo was a pathetic D-lister.

10 Tips for Tim Tebow (When He Arrives in New York)

Tim Tebow

Even for the liberal media in this big city, heroes can be real.

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Why Do We Love Superheroes?


The answer lies in our dual needs for clarity and hope.

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Politically Incorrect Fiction


New novels challenge the liberal mainstream narrative.

More Than a Hero


Chris Gaubatz put his life on the line in an age of surrender and cowardice.