Israel’s Renewed Warning to Rogue Regimes


Why Iran’s mullahs should be very afraid.

The EU’s Broken Mideast Compass


Boycotting Israel while giving Hezbollah a free pass.

Russia and Iran Stoke the Flames of War

An S-300 missile

A warning to the West from Putin.

Obama’s ‘Wait and See’ Foreign Policy


And how it is emboldening Salafists and Hezbollah.

Mainstreaming Hamas


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Showdown in Syria


Al Qaeda-linked rebels salivate as world powers contemplate drastic measures.

Hezbollah and Al Qaeda Fight Over Mohammed’s Granddaughter


But don’t call it a religious war. There’s absolutely no religion in it

Bahrain Calls Hezbollah Terrorists, Europe Still Unwilling

Can't we switch this to American Idol?

Europe’s move has less to do with Israel or domestic terrorism than with pandering to Muslim interests.

Thank you Hafez al-Assad


Your hatred has saved Israel.

Israel, Syria, Iran: Mounting Tensions and Threats


War with Assad and Hezbollah imminent?