“Sustainability” — Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism


The National Association of Scholars exposes and debunks the latest leftist academic fad.

We Need More College, So We Can Have More Nannies with Master’s Degrees


We’re not quite at the point where everyone has a degree, but we are on the road to there.

115,520 Janitors in the US Have College Degrees


How do you know the college bubble has gotten too big? When there are more janitors with college degrees than NASA employees.

If You Go to College and Get a Degree, You’ll Be Qualified to Work as a Cashier at McDonald’s


College Creep is when college becomes the bare minimum for jobs that don’t require college. That’s an economic disaster for most Americans, but it’s a bonanza for academia.

ObamaCare May Lead to Cutbacks for 70% of College Professors

Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Constitutionality Of Health Care Law

Irene Motts, a spokeswoman for Stark State, a two-year community college, said the new rules were necessary “to maintain the fiscal stability of the college. There are a lot of penalties involved if adjuncts go over their 29 hours-per-week average. The college can be fined and the fines are substantial.”

College Debt and Tuition Pushed Up By Administrator Salaries


Administrators consume 24% of the payroll, up from 20% in 2001. Employees who teach, such as professors, lecturers and instructors, account for 37% of the payroll, down from 39% in 2001

Are Asian College Students the Victims of a Racial Quota System?


It has been documented for some time that Asian applicants to the Ivies face a stiff test-score penalty in the admissions process—Asians have to get higher SAT scores than members of other races to have an equal chance of admission. But it’s one thing to have a higher bar for Asians. It’s still worse to have an Asian quota.

Too Much College


What has all that federal funding really accomplished?

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