CBS’ Hillary Clinton Show Hits New Low

madam secretary billboard

Almost three quarters of a million viewers vanished in one week.

Hillary Clinton Was Against Businesses Creating Jobs Before She Was For Them


“Hillary is a completely amoral candidate who can’t stop lying.”

The ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Party


A 5-second guide to job creation by Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton: Don’t Let Anybody Tell You Businesses Create Jobs


That’s why America failed and the USSR succeeded. Because capitalism just doesn’t work.

Clinton’s Pardons for Pedophiles


There’s no crime too horrific that a large checkbook and campaign donations won’t solve.

State Dept Investigation: Hillary’s “Undue Influence” to Pedophile Ambassador


“A DS agent was called off a case against US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman”

Hillary Clinton Cashes In by Refusing to Take Position on Pacemaker Tax

Image: Clinton Signs Copies of Hard Choices in Virginia

That’s a six figure speech.

Hillary Clinton is Big Supporter of “Open Internet”, That’s Why She Locked Up a Man Over a YouTube Video

Image: Clinton Signs Copies of Hard Choices in Virginia

Free internet? We need someone to free the internet from Hillary.

Hillary Clinton Says Student Debt Too High, Collects $225K for College Speech


Hillary Clinton can’t control her hypocrisy or her greed.

CBS Hillary Clinton Show in Freefall, Lost 3 Mil Viewers Since Debut


What difference does it make?