Hillary’s Granddaughter’s “Potential”

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton

No matter how stupid Hillary III, she will have a slot waiting for her.

Woman Who Claims She Isn’t Running for President Says Islamic State isn’t Islamic

President Obama and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tour the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo, June 4, 2009 reut

“You have to combat them on social media,” Clinton said.

CBS Hillary Show, Madam Secretary, Loses Another 500,000 Viewers

hillary clinton movie

Madam Secretary, like Hillary, just seems to bore everyone.

CBS Hillary Clinton Show Loses 1/3 Younger Viewers by 2nd Episode

madam secretary billboard

How much money is CBS willing to lose to promote Hillary Clinton?

The Amazon Reviews for Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices are in… and They are Really Bad

hillary clinton movie

“A nonstop roller coaster ride of lies, deceptions, and twisted nonsense. “

“Flat Broke” Hillary Clinton to Jump on Class Warfare w/Both Feet


Hillary is trying to Obamize her campaign

Hillary Will Be Alinsky’s Third Term


The radical plot to destroy America continues.

CBS’ Hillary Infomercial “Madam Secretary” Drives Away Younger Viewers

Decisive decisionmaker

But what difference does it make anyway?

Hillary to Alinsky: “Have I Somehow Missed the Fulfillment of Revelation?”


“I know [Alinsky’s] feelings about you.”

Hillary’s $100 Million Hollywood Makeover

Key Speakers At The Clinton Global Initiative

What it takes to give “Madame Secretary” a human face.