Hillary Was Against Arming the Syrian Rebels Before She Was for Arming Them

hillary clinton

If you don’t like her view on an issue, wait 5 minutes.

Protesters Confront Hillary Clinton at Book Signing

hillary clinton movie

There may have even been more protesters than autograph seekers.

Hillary Clinton’s Defense of Hamas Rockets in Civilian Areas is as Fake as Her


Hamas doesn’t need to fire rockets from populated areas. It chooses to.

Hillary: “Morsi Helped Me Negotiate Cease-fire Between Israel & Hamas That Holds to this Day.”

hillary's muslim brotherhood choices

Hillary’s ability to foresee the future is about on par with a broken Magic 8-ball.

80% Off: Price of Lobbying Obama Cut to $5K


Hillary is picking up the huge piles of money now.

Darth Vader has Higher Favorability Rating than Hillary Clinton or Obama


Americans think more highly of Darth Vader than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Suggests Hamas Backer Mediate Between Israel and Hamas


Qatar isn’t just Hamas’ lifeline. It’s also Hillary’s lifeline.

Who’s Ready for a 3rd Hillary Clinton Book?

Image: Clinton Signs Copies of Hard Choices in Virginia

It would take a complete egomaniac to try for a third memoir.

David Brock Claims Hillary’s Bad Book Sales are a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


Apparently BookScan is an evil right-wing conspiracy.

Hillary’s Hard Choices is a $10 Million Loss for Publisher

Image: Clinton Signs Copies of Hard Choices in Virginia

Obviously Hillary won’t be returning her advance.