Hillary to Alinsky: “Have I Somehow Missed the Fulfillment of Revelation?”


“I know [Alinsky’s] feelings about you.”

Hillary’s $100 Million Hollywood Makeover

Key Speakers At The Clinton Global Initiative

What it takes to give “Madame Secretary” a human face.

CBS’s Hillary Clinton Show “Madam Secretary” to Ref Benghazi


The second episode is titled “Another Benghazi.”

Hillary: I Forgave Bill Just Like Blacks Forgave South Africa

"This is one of Monica hugging Bill."

It takes a village to forgive an adulterer.

Clintonites: Hillary Will be “Bellicose Interventionist”

Decisive decisionmaker

“Her tendencies are more bellicose than the president. … She is a decisive person.”

Hillary Clinton: “I Will Have to Convince Myself to Run for President”

Hillary still hasn't decided, but the bumper sticks are ready.

I sure hope that Hillary Clinton can talk Hillary Clinton into running

Hillary Clinton Speaks on Ferguson, Says Inequality a Bunch of Times


Hillary Clinton won’t utter a single spontaneous phrase

Hillary’s Hand in Hamas’ Terror Tunnels


One accomplishment from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

Hillary’s Two-Faced Foreign Policy


The Obama rerun.

Hillary Clinton Connects w/Ordinary Working People in the Hamptons


“It’s a celebrity drop-by!” Clinton exclaimed.