The End of Hollywood’s Last Safe Foreign Enemy


Hollywood smears Americans, but cowers in front of North Korea.

Andrew Klavan: #GamerGate Forever!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 7.26.34 PM

A Truth Revolt video.

Ben Shapiro: Katy Perry, Cher and Macklemore All Lie About Ferguson


A Truth Revolt video.

A Conservative Actor’s Activism


Progressives aren’t the only activists in showbiz.

PUMP to Kick Oil Addiction


A new Hollywood movie empowers the quest to get us off oil.

The Twisted Path of Judeophobia


What makes the world root for a genocidal terrorist organization?

Jon Voight Rips Into Anti-Israel Celebs

Steve Granitz

Hollywood’s most vocal conservative actor calls out the apologists of Jew-hatred.

The Celebrities Who Get it Wrong – and Right – About Israel


Their opinions carry significant weight among their untold numbers of fans

God’s Not Dead Beats Noah


Noah appears to have completely fallen out of the top 10.

‘Noah’ Now Closely Tied With ‘God’s Not Dead’


Noah had a budget of $125 million. God’s Not Dead has a budget of $2 million.