Noah is the Most Unpopular Movie in Current Release


Cinemascore’s rating for Noah is a C.

Ex-CAIR Official Celebrates Victory Over “Zionist Hollywood” for Forcing Cancellation of Alice in Arabia

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That would be the same “Zionist Hollywood”, in which terrorists are never Muslim

The Entertainment President


How Obama is keeping his presidency just above water.

Leftists Love Global Warming Because They Hate the Middle Class


Why Hollywood turned the story of Noah into a warning against carbon sin.

Crisis in the Arts


Andrew Klavan’s new pamphlet reveals why the Left owns the culture and how conservatives can take it back.

The Politics of Hate and Envy


Why the left demonizes CEOs but not much richer professional athletes and actors.

Che Guevara SI!—Tea Party NO!


Singer-actress Maria Conchita Alonso commits the ultimate thought crime.

Finally a Hollywood Movie Depicts a Terrorist Sleeper Cell in Dearborn… in a Russian Church


The Midwest-based sleeper agents are activated of their tasks during a reading of Lamentations.

Harvey Weinstein Lies About Not Making Any More Violent Movies

harvey weinstein guns

Violence pays the bills.

Study Says Movies Make You Liberal


The Left picks up the propaganda battle where the Nazis and Lenin left off.