Ben Affleck Lives on $1.50 Per Day


Why celebrities can’t overcome the myth that one’s socioeconomic condition is random.

China Escapes the Zombie War


How Hollywood caters to China’s communist tyrants.

The Decline and Fall of Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, Post-Career

It’s rarely celebrities on the way up who spend their time trolling for attention. It’s usually those who are on the way down.

Winning the Culture War —- And the Next Generation

Picture 11

All-star panel at the West Coast Retreat discusses the urgent need for conservative action in Hollywood and beyond.

The Hollywood Left Mourns Its ‘Great Hero’ Chavez


Dictator-lovers bid farewell to their friend.

Communist China’s Hollywood Takeover


AMC is the second largest theater chain in the country and it owns around 22 percent of the movie theater screens in the country. And it has been sold to China’s Dalian Wanda Group.

Notes Toward Winning the Culture War

ATS Hollywood sign

How conservatives can win the future.

Vote for the Dumbest Gun Control Celebrity


When celebrities get together for a political cause, it’s usually a race to the bottom and it’s important to show our support for the dumbest of them.

Roseanne Barr Gets Another Shot


Being a liberal hack means never having to say you’re sorry.

Hollywood Slow-Jams With the News Media


Celebrity journalists.