Communist China’s Hollywood Takeover


AMC is the second largest theater chain in the country and it owns around 22 percent of the movie theater screens in the country. And it has been sold to China’s Dalian Wanda Group.

Notes Toward Winning the Culture War

ATS Hollywood sign

How conservatives can win the future.

Vote for the Dumbest Gun Control Celebrity


When celebrities get together for a political cause, it’s usually a race to the bottom and it’s important to show our support for the dumbest of them.

Roseanne Barr Gets Another Shot


Being a liberal hack means never having to say you’re sorry.

Hollywood Slow-Jams With the News Media


Celebrity journalists.

Hollywood Blames Guns, Americans Blame Hollywood


For Americans, parenting, mental illness and media top the list for causes of gun violence.

The Tarnished Globes


Why red state America hates Hollywood.

How Communist Censors Control the Movies You See


Scripts are submitted in advance and Communist officials may be present on the set to guard against any deviation. And there is an unofficial expectation that the government’s approved version of the film will be seen both in China and elsewhere.

Hollywood Producer: John Wilkes Booth a “Poster Child for the Tea Party”


Hollywood leftists say they hate bullies. Too bad they are bullies.

Conservatives Triumph at the Box Office


When Hollywood bets big, it bets on traditional values.