Shame on Germany for Circumcision Ban


Every good person should condemn the country for what really lies at the heart of banning the thousands-year-old tradition.

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Holocaust Survivors as Villains: The Self-Hatred of the Jewish Left


Shocking belittlement of “conniving” Jews at the left-wing Tablet magazine.

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Roger Garaudy: From Stalinist to Islamist


The Muslim world mourns a Jew-hater.

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Speaking of the Shoah


There are times when one must speak about the unspeakable.

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The Genocide that Obama Refuses to Prevent


How the president made a mockery of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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“The Suffering of the Innocents”


Lincoln Center Concert set to honor victims of the Holocaust – and aims to promote love and reconciliation between Jews and Catholics.

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Obama Funds Terrorists


The president removes restrictions on taxpayer dollars sent to the Palestinians for their war against Israel.

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Holocaust Lesson: Genocide Always in the Name of ‘Human Rights’


Its latest incarnation in the Mideast conflict is no different.

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Learning from the Holocaust Prohibited at Purdue University, Calumet


My thoughts on being disinvited by the university because my talk on anti-Semitism was “too controversial.”

The Lies of Günter Grass


A pitiable specimen of bad faith and muddled thinking.

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