How Muslims Think


A true story of gratitude.

Horror in Pakistan: Pregnant Woman Stoned by Family


The latest in a rash of atrocities against women in the Muslim world.

Afghan Muslim Stabs Polish Wife to Death After She Refuses to Wear Hijab


“You must come back and if you do not I will take this knife and kill you.”

CAIR Still Trying to Blame Muslim Honor Killing on “American Racism”

The face of Iraqi-American Islamophobia

Shaima Alawadi’s husband beat her to death with a tire iron.

Documentary Shines a Light on Honor Killing


…and even wins an Emmy.

Swedish Court Sentences Muslim Who Stabbed His Sister 107 Times to 4 Years in Prison


“I thought the sentence was very strong, it was a very tough punishment. I do not share at all the district court’s perception of the seriousness of the offense,” says the 17-year-old’s defense attorney, Mr. Jansson.

Canadian Left Calls for ‘Neutrality’ on Honor Killings & Female Genital Mutilation


Political establishment condemns calling heinous woman-hating practices “barbaric.”

Egyptian Father Kills Three Daughters with Snake


A misogyny so terrible.

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Honor Killing Adoption


British court orders adoption of out-of-wedlock Muslim baby to prevent a murder.

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