A Malignant Cause


A genocidal movement and its campus allies unveiled in Vol. 4 of the Black Book of the American Left.

The Pro-Terrorist Front Groups On American Campuses


My confrontation with propagandists for genocide at Ohio State University.

David Horowitz Speaks at UNC


And causes campus supporters of terrorists to form an Unsafe at UNC Club the next day.

The Black Book of the American Left: Volume IV: Islamo-Fascism and the War Against the Jews


A review of David Horowitz’s indispensable new book about Islam’s war against America and the Jews.

‘The Great Betrayal’ Defends Those Who Won’t Defend Themselves


David Horowitz’s new book unveils the Democrats’ treachery in Iraq — and the tragedy and bloodshed it spawned.

The Democrats’ War Against the War on Terror and the Battle Plan For Defeating the Left


David Horowitz’s electrifying C-Span speech.

Why Conservatives Have the Winning Argument


And why David Horowitz is a conservative champion.

Take No Prisoners


David Horowitz’s new book unveils the battle plan for defeating the Left.

Community Church of New York: Pacifists Suspended, Maoists Welcome


When radicals triumph.

The Black Book of the American Left: Volume 2 — The Progressives


What is the nature of progressives and why are conservatives so surprised by how radical, un-American and bigoted they are? Horowitz’s second volume provides the answers.