ObamaCare Causes Huffington Post Parent Company to Cut Benefits


Armstrong could have cut Arianna Huffington’s $4 million a year salary.

Huffington Post Still Losing Money


AOL invested millions into TV studios to broadcast HuffPost Live

Et Tu, Spartacus?


Kirk Douglas’s anti-Second Amendment lecture to the “cowboy nation.”

Huffington Post UK Director Who Called Non-Muslims Animals, Claims Islam is Not Hateful

Caroline-Walker British Cow

“Once we lose the moral high-ground we are no different from the rest of the non-Muslims; from the rest of those human beings who live their lives as animals.”

Huffington Post: Shill for Hamas Terrorists


The knives are out for Israel at the leftist online newspaper.

Israel Hatred at the Huffington Post

Picture 1

Brought to you by Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.

Huffington Post Demeans Orthodox Jews


Beware packs of roving Jews.

Wall Street Occupiers Urged to Target Churches


The Left sets its rage on the virtual root cause of all American evils.

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Why I Defend Bernard-Henri Levy and The Huffington Post

One of the reoccurring themes in anti-Semitic rhetoric is the idea that the Jews behave as a monolithic body to reach their alleged perverted ends. By treating the Jews as a united organization, one is then able to justify any injustice against individual Jews. This is because, according to this mindset, there are no individual [...]

Defense on a Dime


Will Obama’s nanny-state agenda force slashes in military spending?