Venezuelan Socialist Paradise: “We Depend Completely on the Dollar”


“The only way your savings are really savings is by turning them into dollars. If you have them as bolivars, they will devalue so utterly fast that there’s just no point.”

Socialism Causes Toilet Paper Shortage in Venezuela

socialist toilet paper

“The revolution will bring the country the equivalent of 50 million rolls of toilet paper,” Fleming told a state news agency.

Chavez’s Vicious Legacy Lives On


But a weakened successor gives some hope for the future of Venezuela.

Preserve Your Dictator! (An Infomercial)


The loss of a tyrant leaves a tremendous hole in our lives — DictatorSaver is here to help.

Chavez Borrowed Money from China to Give to the Kennedy Family


Despite being an oil power, Venezuela ran deep into debt as the price of oil fell. Meanwhile Chavez took over the oil on “behalf of the people” and gave away sizable amounts of it to Cuba and to the Kennedy clan.

Venezuelan Left Rushes New Election While Immortalizing Chavez


Chavez’s last election was his weakest yet as the economic implosion of Venezuela became even clearer. Without Chavez, the left has to count on his union thug replacement, Nicholas Maduro, to beat Henrique Capriles, the man who almost beat Chavez.

Two Corrupt Dems Head US Delegation to Chavez Funeral


A month later, Meeks, a member of the House Foreign Affairs committee, traveled to Venezuela as part of a mission to thank Chavez and other leaders for a program that provided heating oil to Americans. A year later, Tirado was indicted in Venezuela on charges of swindling and tax-evasion.

The Left’s Dance With Terror


Why Sean Penn and Oliver Stone wept when Hugo Chavez died.

If You Liked Lenin’s Tomb, You’ll Love Chavez’s Tomb


Venezuela’s acting president says Hugo Chavez’s embalmed body will be permanently displayed in a glass casket so that “his people will always have him.”

Venezuelan Jews Recall Hugo Chavez’s Anti-Semitic Climate of Hate


The Jewish community did not merely suffer from economic harassment. Government operatives would frequently follow children from rich Jewish families in order to kidnap them and demand ransom.