Bin Laden’s Death and the Russian Insurgency


The Islamist threat emanating from the Russian frontier.

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The Bloody Streets of Syria


Assad’s killing machine heats up.

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The Lynching of Israel: The Global Propaganda Wars Gather Force

United Nations Just Condemned “Acts” Which Caused Flotilla Deaths
Once, Jews were persecuted because they had no ancestral home — and no army, navy, or air force. Now, Jews, both in Israel and around the world, are persecuted precisely because they have an ancestral home which dares to defend its citizens from deadly harm. This Jew-hatred [...]

How Far Will The New York Times Go To Protect Alien Enemy Combatants?

In its lead editorial today entitled “Tainted Justice,” the New York Times pleads the case of a Canadian-born Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr who, when he was 15 years old, allegedly threw a hand grenade that killed a U.S. soldier during a firefight in Afghanistan.  The Times objects that since Khadr was a juvenile when he [...]

Putin vs. Khodorkovsky: The Courtroom as Battlefield


The soldiers are lawyers, and the result of their combat will determine Russia’s future.

Murder in Cuba


A black civil rights activist is killed by the Castro regime, but where is the international community’s outrage?

Battle Of Marjah – Karzai Expects Zero Civilian Casualties – Maybe Marines Should Just Use Harsh Language To Win

In this World War, as in the Vietnam War, the pressure on our troops from our Leftist Press Corps, and from Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai, to not harm anyone on the sidelines is predictably ratcheting upward.  Today’s L.A. Times features a photo (above) of an Afghan man whose father was shot dead during the Battle of Marjah, [...]

Eyeless in Gaza


How radical critics distort Israel’s alleged “siege” of Palestinian territory.