Islam and Human Rights


Why there can never be compatibility between the two.

The Islamic State of Iran and Gender Discrimination

Woman Hanging Iran 2

Why is the international community silent about Iran’s atrocities against women?

Executed For ‘Waging War on Allah’


The mullahs send a gruesome message with the killing of a dissident poet.

Islamist State of Iran: Leader in Human Rights Violation


Responding to the Mullahs’ phony human rights indictment of the U.S.

The Right Fights Evil —- The Left Fights the ‘Redskins’


What the U.N. focused on last week while it was ignoring the atrocities of North Korean and Iran.

Bedbugs & Islamists at the U.N.


Pat Condell explains the moral bankruptcy of the United Nations.

Beneath the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Charm Offensive


While leftist European diplomats were regaled in Tehran, almost 40 Iranians were executed.

Muslim Who Stabbed Daughter Allowed to Stay in UK for Daughter’s Sake


Deportation would breach her right to family life

The Left Against Zion


Can the advance of the anti-Israel movement be reversed?

Muslim Men Beat Wives, Human Rights Groups Blame Israel

muslim feminism

Won’t someone please stop Israel from forcing Muslim men to beat their wives?