Rats Are Still Comrades

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Exceptional Depravity, a new crime book, and Hollywood Party: Stalinist Adventures in the American Movie Industry. He has written for City Journal California, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and many other publications.


Angela Davis masquerades as a human rights activist.

Jihad Theater: Gitmo Swindlers Strike Again


The truth about the media-hyped “hunger strike.”

Obama’s Renewed War on Guantanamo

Alan W. Dowd writes on defense and security.


Drone strikes and hunger strikes weigh in the balance.

My Dinner with Mustafa and Marwan

Jack L. Schwartzwald is a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School. He is the author of "Nine Lives of Israel" (2012) and "The Ancient Near East, Greece and Rome: A Brief History" (2014).


When Palestinian leaders feast — while imploring their people to starve.

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Che Guevara’s Regime Still Murdering the Young and the Defenseless


Freedom fighter Wilman Villar becomes the latest victim of the leftist-beloved killing machine.

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Murder in Cuba


A black civil rights activist is killed by the Castro regime, but where is the international community’s outrage?