Islamic Circle of North America Guide Urges Jihad, Hating America


The book tells Muslims to wage jihad to conquer the West

Sharia on Tour


Muslim Brotherhood front groups with terrorism ties are coming to a city near you.

U.S. Islamist Group Alleges that ‘Discrimination Is American Way’


Christians and Jews, meanwhile, are inferior “dhimmis.”

CAIR, ISNA and ICNA Reading from a Muslim Brotherhood Script on Egypt


Apparently burning down churches is considered a typically peaceful pro-democracy form of activism.

Islamist Group Congratulates Pope — While Cursing Christians Everywhere


A case study in sordid deception.

CNN Portrays Hamas-Supporting, Self-Described Terror List Watchee From “Jihad U” As Peaceful, Moderate Muslim Who Pushes Back Against Extremism

This is the same competent news network which tried to talk to peaceful, moderate Muslims who push back against extremism back in November after the Fort Hood shootings, so they interviewed an al-Qaeda-linked leader of ICNA’s Young Muslim Jihad Camp. Perhaps it was not CNN’s intention to whitewash the story of Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab’s [...]

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Radical Islam’s Defiling of Christmas – by Joe Kaufman


Anti-Christian Muslims celebrating hate for the holidays.