Reform Judaism and Jewish Identity — on The Glazov Gang


Three Jewish thinkers ponder what is Jewish about the reform Jew.

The Failure of the E.U.


Little to emulate, much to avoid.

The Obamacare Security Nightmare: It Gets Worse


Out: “Got Covered?” In: “Got Hacked?”

Hollywood’s Casual Anti-Semitism

Picture 6

Why is Jewish Hollywood silent to the war of annihilation against Israel?

Hundreds of Thousands of Possible Cases of Foreign Visitor Identity Fraud


New system created by the Department of Homeland Security has a fatal flaw.

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‘Europe Will Collapse as the Soviet Union Did’


Foremost European conservative philosopher explains why he has hope Europeans will come to their senses.

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The Enigma of Jewish Identity


Who or what, exactly, is a Jew?

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Summing Up Obama (So Far)


It’s still a legitimate question: Who is he?

A Judeo-Muslim Civilization?


A UC Berkeley conference reimagines Muslim-Jewish relations — and fails.

The Dr. Ruth of Counter-Terrorism


Dr. Nancy Kobrin explains how a culture that forces males to be terrified of females leads them to murder and suicide.