Muslim Claims Israeli Soldiers Got Him Drunk at Gunpoint


(This latest fictional Israeli atrocity is brought to you by Night Train. When the train pulls into the station with 17.5% alcohol, you’ll blame the IDF for everything.)

Six Fateful Days that Shook the World


Remembering the Six-Day War — and tiny Israel’s triumph over the Arab Goliath.

The Moral Imperative to Refuse an Immoral or Illegal Military Order in Israel


What if 30,000 Israeli soldiers refused to follow orders during Sharon’s expulsion and retreat process in Gaza in 2005?

A Tale of Two Armies


Comparing the IDF to Hamas: Sometimes pictures say more than words.

The IDF’s Egyptian Fiasco


Egypt is now an Islamic state.

The Top 10 Living Tough Jews


Don’t let a yarmulke fool you.

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The IDF: The Moral Army


The most humane army in the world — and in human history.

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Jihadi Missile Crisis


Alarming new details on Hezbollah’s chemical and biological weapons.

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Leftists Visit, Hug Mother of Fogel Murderer


The Unholy Alliance sinks deeper into the moral sewer.

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Netanyahu to International Community: Stop the Hypocrisy


What nation in the world would forbid its soldiers to protect their own lives?