Racial Preference Over Profiling


The America Obama wants to build is a counterfeit to what Dr. Martin Luther King envisioned.

Perky Katie Worries that Illegal Aliens “No Longer Feel Welcome” in Arizona

Katie Couric may have hit a new low on Monday night’s CBS Evening News—though I’m sure there are plenty of other broadcasts of hers that could be nominated.
In a story designed to evoke sympathy for an  “undocumented” husband and wife who have given birth to 10 US citizens since they came here illegally, and who [...]

Racial Preference Over Profiling

The word illegal means forbidden by law, so why the heat in Arizona over its crackdown on illegal immigration? The real problem is that Arizona’s enforcement measures came too late.  Allow a stranger with no fixed address to get comfy in your house, he’s there to stay unless you take measures to remove him.    You let [...]

Immigration Reform and the Amnesty Program PART TWO

Brian Bilbray is a Republican Congressman that serves the San Diego area. He is also chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus. He talked to NewsRealBlog about his views on immigration reform.
NRB: Are you in favor of an amnesty program?
Bilbray: Amnesty CAUSES illegal immigration by encouraging people to break the rules. Just talking [...]

CNN Shocked that “Some” Hispanics Aren’t Happy with Illegal Immigration

Fausta Wertz – a conservative blogger who’s originally from Puerto Rico – has written a great post for her blog about the mainstream media’s inability to understand that many legal immigrants have little to no sympathy for illegal immigrants. As Fausta puts it:
What CNN can’t figure out is that Latinos in the USA who have [...]

The Real Immigration Solution


To end massive illegal immigration, end massive legal immigration.

Secure Borders, Secure Jobs


Arizona lawmakers take a stand for the American worker.

Guess What, Arizona? “Reasonable Suspicion” is Already a Reality!

Arizona’s new law to crack down on illegal immigrants is causing quite the stir. San Francisco is thinking about boycotting the state. Lawsuits are forthcoming. Organizations are planning protests. And Jon Stewart is up in arms about how it gives police officers the authority to demand that people show proof of legal residence based on [...]

Arizona Leads the Way Against Illegal Immigration


Is a new state law really creating a racist police state?

Arizona Has a Right to Enforce the Law

Today’s big headline on Drudge: “Arizona Police to Begin Arresting Illegals”. When you stop and think about it, it’s almost comical that it is a controversial headline for a state to enforce the law, but you can bet it is.
Get ready for the onslaught of the usual arguments on profiling, racism, “doing the jobs Americans [...]