What Obama’s Quick Illegal Immigrant Fix Ignores


Why we shouldn’t assume that those given quasi-amnesty will have any loyalty to America.

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Getting Tough on Illegal Immigration — on The Brewster Gang


Ben Shapiro, Shari Goodman and Rob Nelson join Frontpage’s television show and the fireworks ensue.

MoveOn’s Quest to Outlaw the Term “Illegal Immigrant”


The Obama re-election campaign amps up its attack on American sovereignty.

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Where Have All the Mexicans Gone?


A sputtering economy solves illegal immigration.

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Supreme Court Showdown Over Arizona


Important political implications from the court’s decision at stake.

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Transgender Hormone Therapy for Illegal Aliens?


The Obama administration goes to bizarre lengths to make immigration enforcement “more humane.”

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Obama’s Open-Borders Triumph


The declining illegal immigration rate comes to an abrupt halt — just in time for the election.

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Obama’s New Illegal Alien Czar


Illegals now have a publicly funded lobbyist within the agency that’s charged with bringing them to justice.

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For Dems, No One ‘Plays By the Same Rules’


The vast history of the Left rigging the system to benefit different players.

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Obama Rebuffs ‘Bridge-Building’ with Gov. Brewer


The thin-skinned Obama can’t stand up to his own rhetoric.

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