UK Will Celebrate Millennium of Norman Conquest with Muslim Conquest


Shakespeare. Newton. Carroll. It was nice while it lasted.

Denmark Saves $10 Billion by Restricting Third World Immigration

But where will this Soldier of Allah go?

Increasing numbers of Somalis are moving away

Muslim Refugee Raped 4’11 Woman Behind “I Love NY” Pizzeria


Al Haideri smashed the victim’s face into the pavement

Illegal Muslim Alien Plotted Drone Bombing, Was Not Deported After Multiple Arrests


He has been charged with making false statements in an immigration-related matter.

Dog-Killing Afghan Refugee to Swedes: “Throw Me Out and I’ll Kill 10 of You”


“You just drink your alcohol, but I can not smoke my ganja.”

2% of Italy is Muslim, 35% of Italian Prisoners are Muslim


There are 181 Imams in Italian prisons.

Obama, Leahy and Kerry Make it Easier for Terrorist Supporters to Enter US

tsa muslim burqa

It would allow in those who provided “limited material support” to terror groups

Somali Muslim Migrants Protest Welfare Reform in Maine


. “The face of Maine is changing,” Hussein said.

Baby Boom: 1 in 10 Babies and Toddlers in UK are Muslim

ghost burka women

One expert said Muslims would outnumber Christians

Islam to Become Ireland’s 2nd Largest Religion


He would like to see Shariah law adopted in Ireland