Somalis in America Sympathize with Somali Pirates, Not Americans

This man is the real victim

“Somalis by far are the most kind, loving human beings. But they made us look like we are always ready to kill.”

Muslims Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl, Get Community Service


Norway is now officially Pakistan.

Obama to Bring 70,000 Refugees to America in 2014

Tsarnaev brothers

Obama said his decision is “justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest.”

Sweden: “All Syrian Asylum Seekers who apply for Asylum in Sweden Will Get It.”

Sweden or Syria?

Sweden has announced it will give asylum to all Syrian refugees who apply

Obama Inc. to Admit Initial 2,000 Syrian Refugees


That worked out well last time around. And no marathons were bombed.

Victim’s Family Sues Ohio Hospital for Tolerating Dangerous Pakistani Muslim Doctor


The Doctor allegedly injected the expecting mother with a lethal dose of heroin killing her and her unborn baby and later doing ‘inhumane’ things to her corpse.

Muslim Immigration to America Doubled Since 1992


The number of Egyptian and Syrian immigrants has more than doubled since 9/11. The number of Turkish immigrants has more than tripled. The number of Afghanis has tripled.

Amnesty Bill Triples Number of Afghan Refugees


The legislation also allows more family members to join admitted asylum seekers.

Former German Socialist Chancellor, “Islamic Immigration is the Problem”


Helmut Schmidt should be around 95 now, so I assume he doesn’t know that he’s not supposed to say that sort of thing.

Obama Brings 10,000 Syrians to America


Someone has to blow up the buildings that Americans won’t blow up.