Norway Loses $713,000 on Every Muslim Immigrant

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The government has spent as much on getting 33 000 non-western immigrants into work or studies within six years as the state’s total spending on day care, school, education and research for the entire population

Every Nation is an Immigration Nation

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The latest amnesty gimmick from Obama Inc. is the hashtag “Immigration Nation” and the declaration that, “Unless you’re a Native American, you came from someplace else.”

Swiss Say “Nein” to More Migration

If you want to see why open borders politicians loathe and hate democracy so much (at least until they manage to use immigration to rig it their way) look no further than Switzerland.

Immigrants More Likely to Identify as Liberal, Put International Law Over Constitution


Only 37% of immigrant citizens think the U.S.Constitution should be the highest authority for Americans.

Why Employers Will Fire Americans and Hire Illegals Under Obama’s Amnesty


Companies with at least 50 workers will face a penalty of up to $3,000 for each worker who receives subsidies via ObamaCare. If current illegal immigrants given probationary status are excluded from ObamaCare — and the fines that go with it — an employer may see that as an extra incentive to hire them instead of American citizens.

Obama Kills Post 9/11 Restrictions on Saudi Visitors


“The United States aims to raise the number of visas that it issues annually, particularly to Saudi nationals, who represent an important group,” Joseph Hood, U.S. consul-general in the Saudi city of Dhahran, said. He said Saudi businessmen and students have been allowed to enter the United States in record numbers, with a 60 percent increase since 2010.