Millionaire Congresswoman Says Income Inequality is America’s Biggest Problem

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“The biggest problem in this country isn’t Ebola or ISIS — it’s Income inequality.”

Two Americas


The real divide in the United States.

Lefty Professor Who Speaks Out Against Income Inequality Gets Paid $205,400 for One Class


Just another academic class warrior feeding off the labor of underclass adjuncts.

Joe Biden Blasts Clintons Over Income Inequality


The Vice President makes $230,000 for doing nothing.

Liberal Millionaires Complain About Income Inequality: “We are the 99.99 percent”


“The rich have gotten their way for too long.” By “rich” he meant billionaires.”

The Parade of ObamaCare Lies Marches On


What’s hiding behind the administration’s statistics on the “newly insured.”

Triple Amputee Iraq Vet Blasts Obama: “You Have No Idea What it Means to be Poor”


“You’re unfit for duty as a Commander in Chief.”

Robert Reich Doesn’t Understand WhatsApp or the Internet


Robert Reich, a wealthy cabinet member and Washington insider, decided to reinvent himself as a social justice crusader for income equality. This is funny to anyone except a liberal because Reich is just another wealthy political insider who doesn’t understand economics trying to be Mr. OWS. Glomming onto anything timely, Reich concern trolls Facebook’s purchase […]

Income Inequality at the White House

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Marxists with a taste for the finer things.

Paul Krugman is Wrong About Jobs and Income Inequality

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The welfare state perpetuates income inequality