West Misses Point—and Lesson—of Buddhist Anti-Muslim Sentiment


Where, exactly, does Buddhist animus toward Islam come from?

Progressive Insanity and the Global Warming Cult


What explains the Left escalating its outlandish claims and scaremongering?

President of Indonesia Claims Allah Saved Him from Assassination by Black Cloud


“There was this dark cloud trying to enter my bedroom,”

Moderate Muslim Indonesia Debates Virginity Tests for Female High School Students


Rasyid defended his decision. He believes that the proposal will result in prevention of prostitution and free sex.

Indonesian Gov Demands Shiite Refugees Convert to Sunni Islam


“In the meeting it was agreed that the reconciliation would be based on the enlightenment of the refugees, so that there’s a confluence of perception with regard to their religion,” the minister said.

Next to Last Synagogue in Obama’s “Moderate Muslim” Indonesia Torn Down

Indonesia Israel Protest

In January 2009, Muslim demonstrators sealed off Beth Shalom and burned an Israeli flag

Indonesia Frees Muslim Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as “Ramadan Present”


Basri joked and laughed as he described how it took two swipes of his machete to lop the head off one of the girls.

How Obama’s Moderate Muslim Indonesia is Ruining Christmas

"Is that where you murdered 100,000 Christians?"

Muslims are entitled to build a mosque at Ground Zero, but Christians in even “moderate” Muslim countries are not entitled to just being able to build a church or use it once it has been built.

Islamic Foundation Pays Indonesian Parents 9 Dollars to Mutilate their Daughters’ Genitals


The foundation holds the event in the lunar month of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, and pays parents 80,000 rupiah (£6) and a bag of food for each daughter they bring to be cut. From their sun-lined faces and battered sandals, some of the mothers looked quite poor – poor enough, possibly, to make the foundation’s 80,000 rupiah cash handout as much of an enticement

Lessons From Lady Gaga


A concert cancelation reveals a cultural pathology that is only getting worse.

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