Thomas Sowell on ‘Inequality’


Conservative economist and social philosopher discusses the left’s futile quest for equality.

The ‘Equality’ Racket

rich and poor iStock_000004736510XSmall

How the grievance industry tears society apart while enriching itself.

Janet Yellen Shills for the Democrats


The Chairman of the Federal Reserve indulges a destructive leftist lie.

Jesus, Today’s Church, and ‘Inequality’


What Jesus really said (and didn’t say) about the poor, the rich, and inequality.

Robert Reich’s Revolutionary Rants


Leftist economist “connects the dots” and uncovers a free market conspiracy.

The Inequality Boogeyman


The real cause of wealth differentials in society.

Obamacare’s Stunning Redistribution of Wealth


A closer look at precisely how much Obamacare takes from you, to give to others.

The Inequality Smokescreen

US President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the economy

How progressivism continues to discard the philosophical foundations of the Constitution.

The Poverty of Income Inequality


The real issue is the standard of living.

I Lived Through the Real ObamaCare


It was bad in the Czech Socialist Republic — but it wasn’t as bad as in Cuba, where patients have to bring their own sheets to the hospital.