Islamic ‘Racism’: Muslim Blood Superior to Infidel Blood


Why should the followers of Islam pay for the death of American diplomat John Granville?

Islamic Feminism: Muslim Husbands Must Hate Non-Muslim Wives


An Islamic preacher explains how marriage to infidel women is a lot like rape.

The Return of Jizya to Egypt


Stage two of the Islamic purification of the country begins.

From #MeinKampf to #MyJihad


The enemy’s latest jihad plot is to hide the true meaning of jihad, with our help.

The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism


Andrew G. Bostom masterfully unveils the true story of the “religion of peace” and its war on human freedom.

The Rape and Murder of Pakistan’s Christian Children


Countless horror stories go unreported.

Huffington Post, MSM Facilitate Destruction of Egypt’s Pyramids


Lulling the world back to sleep, even as new evidence emerges.

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Calls to Destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids Begin


The next target on Islam’s hit list.

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Drawing the Line Against Jihad


The Infidel takes the fight to those who had a good day on 9/11.

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Islamic Muslim Cleric Suggests How To Get Infidels To Convert To Islam


A video reveals that truth is stranger than fiction.