The Hound of Jihad


How the victims of jihad continue to be hounded—even beyond the grave.

Muslim Cleric: ‘I Hate Christians and Am Disgusted by Them’

Picture 6

Egyptian scholar preaches the malevolent Islamic doctrine of “Love and Hate.”

Ramadan: Islam’s ‘Holy Month’ of Christian Oppression

Egyptian Christian, Maher Rizkalla: Before and After Ramadan

No respite for infidels in Muslim territory.

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Oslo Muslims Demand Sharia-Controlled Zone


“We don’t want to live together with filthy beasts like you.”

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Muslim Brotherhood ‘Crucifies’ Opponents


Under President Morsi, Egypt returns to the dark ages.

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The Obama Administration’s War on Persecuted Christians


Why is the State Department opposing policies that would help the victims of Islam?

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The Persecution of Pakistan’s Christians


Terrorizing the “People of the Book” has become big business for the resurgent Taliban.

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Refuting Apologetics Over Islamic ‘Creative Lying’


Muslim activist dissembles about Islamic dissembling.

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Tawriya: Islamic Doctrine of ‘Creative Lying’


A brand of Islamic deception known by few in the West — and more widespread than most realize.

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Shock Horror: Saudi Textbooks Teach Islam!


What exactly did anyone expect?

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